Wednesday, June 18, 2014

13 months

I did a monthly photo of Isabella until 24 months, so I'm going to try to do the same with Benjamin, even though we are done with the monthly tie stickers. We were gone to Padre on his 13 month birthday. I took these were in the morning after breakfast. He was busy busy and just wanted to crawl off the bed, so I didn't get any real good ones, but I was glad I remembered at all!

I usually keep a little list on my phone of the new things that happen or he exeperiences in a month. But, I didn't keep a 13 month list, and now too much time has gone by that its a blur to separate from this past month. At 13 months you are cruising around everywhere, but still not taking steps on your own, getting in to everything- cabinets, drawers, bags, trash cans- everything seems fun to explore! You have four teeth. Most nights you still wake up a couple times and take two good naps a day. You have been willing to try a few more foods, which has been nice, but still have a preference for certain foods. Generally speaking you are a happy, exploring, laid back little guy. But please- let's start sleeping through the night ASAP! OK?! ;)
You are a delight to all of us!
Love, Mama

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