Thursday, March 08, 2012

The last of our trip

 The wind is howling outside and the rain keeps coming down. It has been the perfect morning for snuggling with my girl, a hot drink, candles, and now nap time for Isabella. We are waiting on Michael to get home from his overnight business trip and I'm hoping the weather doesn't give him any delays.  I've been organizing pictures and here is the last of our trip to New Jersey.
 There were several parks close to Emily's house so a couple days we walked to the park to play.
 Well, we walked and the kids all rode on something. Iz loved riding in this car, complete with a steering wheel and a horn that honks...she may "need" one of her own.
 Our last day we hung out in the morning then headed to the coast to ride a ferry to see the statue of liberty. 
(Lately I have been explaining lots of new things to Isabella. Such as: "we are going on an airplane", "we are going to ride on a big boat", "that's a helicopter", and today- "that's just thunder, its OK". Some of these things I show her pictures of, and it seems to make sense to her, she nods and repeats the word, but telling a 17 month old about thunder and lightening is kind of tricky. But her version of the word helicopter is super cute.)
 We were so close to Manhattan I could feel the energy of the city. I was a little sad then that we had decided not to go into the city, even though the reality of doing that on a winter day with three kids would not be easy. We will be back some other time.
 Lady Liberty

The sunset was great on our way home, and Isabella went to sleep about 30 minutes into the flight. Coming home went great for us, but Michelle started throwing up towards the end of the flight. And then once we were home I started in the night. So it was a trip that began with Isabella being sick and then me once we were home, but the parts in the middle were all great. :) The time with friends was great for me and I got some spiritual, cooking, and mothering inspiration. Isn't that the great thing about good friends? Learning, sharing, and inspiring each other to be our best selves. 

I'm looking forward some puddle splashing later today. Happy rainy Thursday!

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