Thursday, March 29, 2012

18 Months

Isabella turned 18 months this month. She was very interested once when I showed her the series of her in her chair with her zebra. But that did not translate into her sitting still so I could get her picture!
"Reading" Goodnight Moon
Aaaand what she really thinks about these pictures...

She is saying lots of new words, and repeats or attempts to repeat everything we say. She is constantly moving, and frequently jabbering. She loves reading books. Her favorites right now are Llama llama nighty-night, The monster at the end of this book, and Along came you. She loves to play outside in our yard or at the park.
Thirsty after playing hard at the park
Cupcake date this week
Enjoying her sucker from the nurse after her shots this morning
 We had her 18 month well child check this morning. She did the best she ever has with getting her shots. I found myself during and after the appointment just overwhelmed with gratefulness for such a healthy, happy child. The doctor said she is "just perfect". And any parent will tell you, it is always great to hear that!
I'll be gone for the day tomorrow at a continuing ed class, and I'm already missing her. I love you Isabella! You bring me so much joy!

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