Thursday, March 01, 2012

March 1st

There are some things in life you can count on, God, friends, sunshine, vanilla coke, 5:00....
I know that every work day, as close to 5 as he can, Michael will be trying to head home from work. There are lots of things in life you can't always count on. Traffic, a new recipe, or your child's mood or sleep schedule. And when Isabella is super cranky/cutting teeth/fussy/idon'tknowwhattheproblemis and we have a ways to go until Daddy gets home, I can count on her being happier outside. We've had some cranky days this week where she screams and cries and asks me to wear her in the baby carrier. On a day like that this week when other things I had tried weren't working, it was time to try going outside. We walked across the street to the park.

 Ah...much better. 
(Until I had to carry her home crying because she didn't want to leave. But it was a happy 30 minutes!)
 I can see one canine tooth cutting through, hopefully its out soon!

March first was a gorgeous 78 degrees.

 We had a picnic at the lake, blew bubbles, ran, played at the playground, and got sunburns. *Mother of the year award*
Thanks for the sunburn mom...if feels awesome. 
Happy March!


  1. Such a sad little face on that last pic. Hope it fades fast!

  2. That last pic made me laugh, doesn't look too bad, who would of thought sun screen would be needed this soon in the season, not your fault we live in this crazy-weathered state. Hope she's on the up swing and you had a great weekend!