Monday, September 10, 2007

10 reasons why DH likes fall...

10. Warm afternoons, cool crisp evenings.

9. High school football games on a Friday night. The lights, the sound of the band, the smell of popcorn, the sound of whistles blowing and pads crashing... there's just something special about Friday nights in fall.

8. The smell of burning leaves and campfires in the air. Even in the middle of the city, there's something invigorating about the fresh crisp smell of a fall afternoon.

7. I like to wear long sleeve t-shirts with shorts. Summer's too hot, winter's too cold, and I'm ready for short sleeves by the time spring gets here.

6. Dew. I love the way dew forms on my car in the evenings during the fall.

5. Handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween. Little kids in Halloween costumes make me laugh.

4. My favorite TV shows. Lost, 24, The Amazing Race, The Office, and My Name is Earl all have new episodes in the fall.

3. My birthday. When you're born in September, no fall comes without presents and cake and I like presents and cake.

2. The Great State Fair of Oklahoma! Where else can a guy be entertained by so many culturally diverse mullet-sporting "people" while simultaneously blowing a weeks worth pay eating fried food on a stick?

1. OU football season. This one would be cheapened with any more explanation.

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  1. Great list. I'd have #9 a little higher (assuming they're in order), but looks good to me.

    Fall has to be the best season. By far.