Thursday, January 29, 2015

21 Months

21 months of Benjamin Gray!
 He had a little spill flying off of a slide face first at the playground this day. He had a few wood chips that were stuck in his cheek and lip I had to extract. :( So his cheek and eyelid were a little red when he woke up from nap. 

 21 months has brought several new words...I haven't been good about keeping track of them all so I don't have all of them. But some are: Mimi, Oh no!, brown bear, bath, hat, 'excuse you', and 'all aboard'. He has had a virus this month and been cutting 3 canine teeth, so there have been several rough days and many rough nights. He still loves his blue blanket, playing trains, baths, and playing outside. He's a little better about not climbing on things he isn't suppose to, but I'll still catch him sometimes. He still puts lots of strange non-food things in his mouth to eat or chew on. I keep thinking he will outgrow that stage and then it happens again. Dog food, rocks, grass, chalk...ugh. His favorite books are still Brown Bear, brown bear, and Little Blue Truck.


He was a little hesitant the next day we went to the park after his fall, but then went back after it again.

Love you so much sweet boy!! 

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