Monday, January 12, 2015

365 week 2

 January 5th: Playing at bedtime. I was adjusting my settings so I could get one in focus and the playing turned to tears. So just a blurry one. :)

 January 6th: Playing in the hotel closet. He went in and closed the doors and came out so proudly over and over again.

 January 7th: We had a blast at the Sea Life Aquarium

 January 8th: A little drama in the play room

January 9th: Family date out for dinner and then cupcakes and hanging out at the "fountain mall".

 January 10th: New year, new running shoes

January11th: The typical- "I forgot to take a picture" til it was late shot. I do like the storytelling of her sleep sheep, bedtime water, and her days are numbered in her toddler bed.

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