Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I've been trying to get us outside a little more lately, even when its been colder than we like. Its so good for us all and they love playing outdoors.

She found a few of her baby headbands recently. And now she wants to wear one. All. the. time. And in the middle of her forehead like that. And lots of tutus and dressing up these days.

This past weekend, Benjamin and I had a weekend on our own while Michael and Isabella went on a work trip. Friday night we went to Hafer park to play and he noticed the duck pond. He was enthralled with the ducks. A few other moms that were there shared their bread with him and he loved feeding them and taking some bites for himself. We ended up staying til it got dark.

 He also braved climbing through a little tunnel and climbing up to go down a curly slide. He kept coming down and looking at me and saying More?!  Then running off and doing it again. :)

Saturday my brother invited us to meet him at the park. The cousins had fun playing and I enjoyed catching up with him. Isabella had a great time going with Michael on his work trip and swimming at the hotel and playing at the convention center.

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