Monday, January 05, 2015

365 days of photos

I decided to try to tackle another 365 photo project again this year. Fully knowing that I'll have some holes throughout the year, but overall more captures of our life.

 January 1- Cheers, just after the new year. (I didn't decide to do the project for sure until the next day so had to use a picture I had on my phone for this day.)

 January 2nd- Dressed up in a church dress, wearing butterfly wings, inside a tub, telling me some very dramatic made up story with great emotion.

 January 3rd- We went out to S&B Burger joint for dinner and let her get a root beer. They didn't have it from the fountain, but had it in a bottle. And she thought she was Big.Stuff.! :)

January 4th- Trains. Every day. And those little hands. And messy post-nap hair. :) 

I'm going to try to post the previous week's pictures on Sundays. No promises. ;)

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  1. So excited your 365 project, excited to follow it!