Thursday, June 20, 2013


This past weekend was not an easy one on our parenting journey. There were several discussions about: What should we be doing? What is going wrong in this situation? Topped with not sleeping through the night in months now- it can all be a bit exhausting at times. I want to speak to my children with tones and words that I am OK with them using back with me, and model to them how to behave when angry or frustrated. But its impossible to do it perfectly 100% of the time, and sometimes after what feels like constant behavior battles or the millionth question my spirit feels so worn down and don't respond how I would ideally like to.  Parenting continues to show me ways I need to be refined and grow. As I was looking back through photos over the weekend, I was glad to see the joyful moments captured. I love photographs and seeing my babies' sweet souls, as when things are hard it can be easy to just remember the difficult parts and overlook the joys. 

We went to the twilight concert series father's day evening.
Isabella loves to dance and sing, she has such a joyful spirit.

Fun with Daddy.
I love seeing the ways her personality has pieces of his, mine, and her own all at the same time. 

Playing with Aunt Flower.
My sister is such a fun, awesome Aunt.

It's great to be out in our city. Isabella loves the old song 'Downtown' and can sing most of the words.

I got some sweet pictures of my dad and Benjamin.

He became smiley at times over the past week and that has been really fun.

I'm praying for grace and patience for each member of our family. We could all use some. :) 


  1. I can tell just from your blog posts what an awesome Mom you are! Your children are so lucky to have you as a Mom! Lack of sleep wears down everyone. I remember right at 6 weeks old with Giuliana I thought I was going to die from lack of sleep and whatdoyaknow the next week she started sleeping all night. Now dealing with toddlers...I know nothing about that fun yet :)

  2. Way to keep away from going to the dark side! It so true that when we have a run of rough days it so easy to let that overtake the joyful and beautiful moments. Hang in there, your one of the best mamas I know!

  3. praying for a better week! love ya!