Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Today was a good day

Yesterday was not the best day. I was not feeling good with a sinus headache and congestion. I had two bad interactions with someone in a store and with my student loan company. And my patience was worn thin with Isabella crying and fussing over every little thing. By the end of the day I was wondering if I really had it in me to do this whole mothering thing. While there were some highlights in the day, I went to bed exhausted and not able to breathe through my mouth, slathering on the Vick's vapor rub thick.

But today was a good day. This morning we picked up some Panera to take to the hospital to meet my cousin's new baby. On our way out a lady said to us, 'treasure these days, she will be 24 before you know it'. And I know its true. While I don't treasure some of the moments that leave me wanting to pull out my hair, I do treasure "these days" and they ARE flying.
We met sweet Davis Kent. Isabella was very interested in him, and very concerned when he was taken away for a biliruben test. I proudly refrained from making the comment "Awww...I remember when Isabella was that tiny!", even though my mother's heart couldn't help but think it.

We met up with friends at the zoo.
We got to see the baby giraffe up close for the first time. We don't always make the trek over to them.
We had lots of laughter and sweet cuddles today to balance yesterday's bad day.

Tonight we celebrated Michael's mom's birthday. She had got a birthday present for Isabella for her birthday.
I'm not sure that you're supposed to buy presents for other people on your birthday, but Isabella was quite pleased to get to play with her very own bubble mower! 

My sister is about to come callin', which is always a good thing, and then I'll be lathering the Vick's again. Even as an adult, there is something magic about that stuff!


  1. Afrin is more amazing than Vicks if you're still stopped up! I'm glad today was better. I love that last picture of her with the mower!

  2. Hope you feel better soon!