Sunday, November 18, 2012

Instragram Update

Here are some pictures from my Instagram feed from the past two months, but mostly this week. 

Headed out to dinner with my mom and sister.
My first OU game in 2 years. Michael said he wouldn't smile as we just lost.
Making bird seed feeders to hang in our trees
At the Thunder game last Sunday
We had a lot of fun!
Playing this week. Isabella asked for a hat, and said "Bye Mommy! I'm going to the beach!"
Watching a squirrel finish off my sandwich at our picnic at the zoo this week. She talked about it the rest of the day.
Out to dinner. Also was our 14 year dating anniversary. We enjoyed a much needed couple of hours to have a conversation without interuptions and hang out.
Then we met up with my sister and her husband for dessert. Great date night!
We put up Isabella's tree on Saturday. We will wait until the day after Thanksgiving to do our other decorating...but I was excited to put up her tree. She is loving seeing the few houses in our neighborhood that have their lights on already. I am looking forward to experiencing the magic of the Christmas season with a two year old this year and Michael and I have been discussing what is going to be on our list of fun things to do this holiday season. (I do love Thanksgiving too, no to overlook it, and I'm looking forward to soaking in all of that holiday this week as well!)

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