Sunday, January 19, 2014

365 days of photos

A friend asked me to do a 365 photo project with her for this year. So far its been fun and challenging. My overall goal with it is to capture photographs that are storytelling of our life. At the end of the year I'll get a book made with all of the pictures. Then there are different areas of photography I want to improve on: natural light, indoor light, back lighting, clearer motion pictures and so on. So here's the last 18 days...
January 1st- Taking down the Christmas tree and decorations 

January 2nd- Afternoon tea

January 3rd: Bedtime bible story

January 4th: Practicing back lighting with golden hour light.

 January 5th: Sick day

January 6th: Bubble bath

January 7th: Another day at home in pajamas.

January 8th:  My dinner prep "helper"

January 9th: Waking up happy

January 10th: Bedtime smiles

January 11th: Popcorn and movie night. And kleenex. Our constant companion so far this January.

January 12th:  Afternoon at the park

January 13th: Dancing. (This would be the part where I need to practice getting clearer motion pictures.)

January 14th: A month until Valentine's Day. Time to decorate!

14: Benny's first time to "play" at the mall playground.

January 15th: Rainbows

January 16th: Chalk art

January 17th: Ice cream and a movie with Mimi while Daddy is gone on a trip.

 January 18th: Sleep. This one didn't turn out how I'd planned. I'll have to try again.

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