Monday, December 30, 2013

Hampton night 2013

We decided to use our hotel points for a free night downtown at the Hampton again this year.
Isabella fell asleep on the way down there.  So she was not at her best when we had to wake her up. But she perked up pretty fast. She, of course, was excited about playing with the phones in the room and checking everything out.

We got settled in our room and then got changed to go swimming.

Benjamin loved splashing in the water, and Isabella went right down the slide over and over when she had been apprehensive at first last year.
We picked up sandwiches on the way down so we could have a picnic in our room and not have to leave.
Izzy making her selfie-duckface- thanks to Bailey McBride's video. :)  

Our wild bunch!

We had breakfast in the morning- which Isabella loves a hotel breakfast too- an opportunity to have  sugary cereals we don't have and all kinds of other treats. Then we went swimming some more before getting ready for the day and checking out.

I told a friend the next day- Next time I voluntarily spend the night in a hotel with my two kids that wake up a lot at night- remind me not to! The night was pretty terrible. Isabella woke up several times. Benjamin was congested and awake a lot. And being that I had to go into work after we checked out- I couldn't rest later in the day. But Isabella had a great time, and it will be a tradition that we enjoy more, hopefully, as the kids get older. (And hopefully sleep better?!?!?!) I just made it a two cup of coffee day and got through it. :)

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  1. I love benjamin's dress shirt! Hotels are fun but im not sure id tackle it with 2 little ones...but for the sake of fun family memories maybe !