Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve & Day

We spent Christmas eve morning with our immediate Mitchell family. 
Benny in a pile of present bags and presents.

Watching Cappy put her new bus together.
We had our favorite donuts for breakfast and had some time to just hang out.
 Then we went to Mema's house for lunch to spend Christmas eve with the rest of the Mitchell family. Mema ending up having to go to the ER during the gathering and was admitted to the hospital.  We were all really worried about her.

We came home and spent the evening at home. It was nice to be home and quiet. I had several things I needed to wrap up (literally and otherwise). And Michael had a dollhouse to put together.

Christmas morning Isabella came to our room, climbed into bed with us, and asked if we could get up and watch some TV. She totally didn't remember it was Christmas morning! Once I told her she was excited. "Oh mommy! Let's go see if Santa brought me a cherry pony and a dollhouse!" she said. We went to her room to put the last ornament on her countdown tree and headed to the living room.

"A dollhouse!!!"

Checking it all out!
Then she said- but Santa didn't bring Benny a dollhouse!!!!?!

We went ahead and ate breakfast while Benjamin stayed asleep. Paula joined us, and we missed Alan as he was not able to come since he was taking care of Papa. The kids ornaments at breakfast this year were: Cinderella for Isabella and a baby's first Christmas ornament for Benjamin. Cinderella was one of the first full movies we watched towards the beginning of this year and she's liked Cinderella ever since.
Benjamin joined us and got to check out his gifts. Of course with sister's help- since "he's too little". 

We had some time to play and then it was time to get ready to go to my parent's house.

Papa and the grandkids. Expanded by two more since last Christmas.

Benny laughing at cousin Isaac. 
We ate lunch, had presents, played, and then drove through the Midwest City Christmas lights on our way home later that evening. 

Benjamin's first Christmas

Parts of this holiday felt like a whirlwind with preparations and getting things done with two little ones. But we were blessed with lots of family time and people to celebrate with. Merry Christmas 2013!

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