Friday, December 27, 2013

Family pictures 2013

We had a short mini session of pictures taken this fall at Michael's work by Laura Vanderzee.

Then the rest of these were taken by my brother. He has been so gracious to take pictures for us for the last four years!! I've been so grateful for them!

 There are SO many outakes I could post!!! Isabella was not very cooperative and Benjamin wanted to put anything he could reach in his mouth. :) I was impressed Luke was able to get all of the ones that he did!

Her baby curls still at the very bottom.


  1. So many great shots and i love your red, black and white colors. Maybe you and your bro need to start a photography business....

  2. What treasures all those are!! love that 3rd pic of Izzy in the red sweater. Ane benjamin in his cardigan and those suspenders, too cute!!