Friday, December 13, 2013

December 4-7th

December 4th: We made gingerbread playdoh together today. The recipe was super easy and smelled great. Then we used buttons and pompoms to decorate the gingerbread people. She played with these for a long time and many other days.

December 5th: Today's note said to check her stocking. I hid a snowman coloring book in there. She loved getting something in her stocking...that seems to have been one of her favorite things so far.

December 6th: Today's activity was hosting a Christmas party at our house for the college kids from church. Isabella played hard with the other little kids that came and loved having  lots of people in our home.

December 7th: Today's activity was to decorate a gingerbread house. They were sold out when I had Michael look for them earlier in the week and then we were snowed in and I couldn't go back to check. So many thanks to Cappy for asking if I needed anything from the store and delivering the house in the snow!!

This was our first time to do a gingerbread house and now I think it will be an annual thing. She had fun decorating it, but also loved licking the icing and trying out the candies.

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