Monday, December 16, 2013

December 8-11

December 8th: Watch the polar express and build a snowman.

Learning how to make snow angels with Daddy. (And yeah, those are grocery trash bags wrapped around her legs because she had outgrown her boots. She didn't mind.  And she got some pink snow boots from my mom as an early Christmas present the next day, so no more trash bags.)

We skipped over some of the weird/scary parts of the Polar Express. She really liked it. We've been listening to the book on CD in the car some since then.

December 9: She had snowman window clings hidden in her stocking to decorate the windows. We also had Michael's Christmas party that evening, but she ended up going to Michael's parents house to play since the party was just down the street. She got to have a Christmas tea party with Nana, which was probably more fun for her!

December 10th: Snow paint. We made this snow paint together.  Then painted snowmen.
She painted over her hat...I made my own so it could look a certain way and her's could be as creative as she wanted. :)

When the paint dried the snowmen were puffy. She enjoyed dousing her snowman in glitter and we made a huge mess this day. The plastic table cloth is great as it can just be wiped clean.

December 11th: Today's activity was to go to build a bear with Nana and Cappy and get Santa pictures with cousin Ryan. This was our 3rd year to do this. I tried to explain to her in the morning when we were talking about the activity for the day as she didn't remember what build a bear was. So we looked online to see what animals you could pick at build a bear. She saw the reindeer Clarice and decided she wanted to make her.
Getting the heart warm to put inside.

Putting in the stuffing.
Making sure she has enough stuffing to stand up.

She really had fun making her animal this year and Clarice has been on many adventures with us since.

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