Saturday, December 28, 2013


Another birthday year has come and I had a fun day to celebrate!  I had planned on getting up to go run early, but the night was a bit crazy so I just stayed in bed.
Michael and Isabella mixed up some pancakes. 

32! Whoo hoo! 

I went shopping with my mom for a little bit, and then my sister came from work to meet us for lunch at 501. I rested some in the afternoon and read a magazine I'd been wanting to read. 

For dinner our families came over for build your own pizzas and cake.

Saying goodbye to 31 and making a wish for 32!

It was a great day. I really appreciated all that Michael did to let me have some relaxing time and get our house and food ready to have family over. Taking care of little ones day and night, it was really nice to have someone go out of their way to take care of me for a day!  I'm looking forward to my 32nd year, what it will bring, and all the ways I'm hoping to grow.

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