Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 12-15

December 12th- Today we had my Christmas work party in the evening.  Isabella went right up to the door before we got there with Benjamin, and asked where the toys were. We ate Italian food and talked, then Santa came to surprise the children.

 (Clarice came to the party too)

 Benjamin joined them and he just stared at Santa and smiled.

December 13th: The activity today was to go to the Yukon Christmas lights with Michael's parents. 
We went out to dinner then headed west to Yukon.

 We rode the little train that goes through the park.

Then we stopped for ice cream at chickfila on our way home!

December 14th- Devon Saturdays with Santa. I left (with Benny) to go out of town with friends from college, but Michael and Izzy went downtown together to to the Devon tower.
 She got to see live reindeer, do a craft, and write a letter to Santa. I was sad to miss out on the fun, but so grateful for the time with my friends. We met in Elk city and went to places I remember going to with my grandparents.

  I mostly thought this picture was funny as Hayli was standing right under a buffalo head!

 Its been years since the 4 of us have been all together. The time together was such a blessing. And my how our lives and conversations have changed since college! 

December 15th: The Children's program at our church. The kids at church had been practicing for their program for several weeks now. I was excited to see their work! I charged my camera battery and packed up three lenses...then left them at home. So I janked these pics from Katie. Thanks Katie!

Rocking their babies for "Away in a manger"

The Mayfair babies of 2013

After the program Izzy talked to Santa and Mrs Claus. 

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