Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Lest you think it is all sunshine and giggles around here-it was a crazy night at the Mitchell house last night. I lost count how many times Isabella woke up crying/fussing/talking. At first you try your usual soothing techniques...feel sympathetic...Does she feel bad? Is she teething? What's wrong with my baby?
But you can only be woken up so many times in the night when you just want to sleep before your sympathy level begins to decline. And to ease our concern that something wasn't right, she woke up her cheerful, playful self, as though she had partaken in hours of blissful sleep.

Where are her pajamas? Oh- they are in the wash with our sheets and mattress protector after she had pee explosion this morning on our bed, her pajamas, and my pajamas. I realize that is a parent-fail to not have the next diaper ready to swap out...but seriously?! My brain is only half functioning this morning. You wouldn't be wasting a prayer of patience over me today! :)

Don't worry sweet girl...I still love you like crazy. And nap time is just around the corner!


  1. ugh, middle of the night is the hardest time to be patient! Just when the trick us with great sleeping patters they switch it for whatever unknown reasons. I hope tonight is much better!

  2. Hope she took an extra long nap! I have been known to turn into quite the crazy lady when Liv would wake up like that. Sometimes Ryan just has to take over if I'm going to stay sane for her the next day! :)