Sunday, March 06, 2011


I was tagged by Shannon for the 4X4 Tag:

1. Four places I go

*The Bradley
*Walks in our neighborhood

2. Four favorite smells

*Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies
*Isabella, especially after bath time
*Outside in the fall and fall candles
*Philosophy's pineapple coconut body wash

3. Four favorite movies/TV shows

*I'm not watching much TV right now other than occasionally the Today Show in the morning, which I always enjoy.
*27 Dresses
*The Holiday
*Return to Me

4. Four Recommendations

*Have a good talk, a good laugh, a good cry (if needed), with a good friend- often.
*Worry less and live more. I could definitely worry less. It is also easy to read other people's blogs and think their life is so ________ fill in the blank: interesting, fun, perfect, etc. The other day I told a friend I am living my dreams. As hokey as that sounds, it's true. I want to live more of my life feeling content doing the things I am doing, not the things I am not or not able to do right now.
*Watch the sun rise over the ocean. Who wants to get up that early on vacation you ask? Trust me, as long as the sky is not cloudy, it is magnificent, and you can always nap on vacation.
*Get your eyebrows done by Ruth at the Makeup bar. She should pay me a commission for all of the people I have sent to her.

I tag Crislyn, Amy Bryan, Paula, and Ann.


  1. Oh boy! I guess this means my 4X4 will be my blog entry for this month! (since I can't seem to blog more than that!!) I'll work on it...

    I also need to call Ruth at the Makeup Bar STAT. My eyebrows are out of control right now!!

  2. I'll have to think on mine too! :) yours are pretty good answers.