Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our thursday

She has figured out she can see me in the mirror when I am turned around. She smiles really big when she sees me and it is so fun! Of course this is when we are not driving!

We went and met Michael for lunch today at work. It was so nice we ate outside.

We ate in the forum at OC, which took me back to old times in college. It is really pretty this time of year with the fish bradford pear trees in bloom.

I took Isabella to the doctor this afternoon. She has seemed a bit congested the last two days, and last night she woke herself up coughing several times and was even more congested in the morning. I debated and debated about taking her because by noon she sounded better. Michael said I should 'trust my mother's intuition'. But I guess I am still not sure how well my intuition is developed and I wanted to be certain nothing was wrong, even though I was pretty sure she was fine. It was our first time at the pediatrician office to not sit on the "WELL" side. But I also wasn't positive she was sick and didn't want to join the very sick looking bunch on the "SICK" side. So, I sat in a neutral area by the door. They did a check for RSV, which she hated and screamed even more than with shots. Gratefully, the test came back negative, and the PA said she just has some congestion and nothing contagious or anything to worry about.
We have not been getting good sleep around here this week, and after several nights of that it really takes a toll. We ran into my Aunt at OC today, and she suggested a humidifier with eucalyptus oil to help with Isabella's breathing. I got that set up for here's hoping tonight is better. Thank goodness for good under eye concealer!

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  1. So glad it's nothing too serious but still not fun to lose sleep. I always am unsure about the sick side at the dr's office bc I don't really want to pick up any new sick germs so why should I sit over there? We try to stay in the stroller but that's getting much harder with a toddler! Something else to try at night might be vicks vaporub on the soles of her feet. People swear by it, but I don't think we ever actually tried it with Liv so I can't attest to it.