Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Return of the Elephants

We debated going to see the new Asia/Elephant habitat tonight as it was a little chilly, but Michael decided we needed to live it up and go. So we put our baby in her bear suit and off we went!

At the Zoo entrance they had this elephant set up, someone in an elephant costume, 4 men playing trumpets with flags on the trumpets that said "Return of the Elephants", there was a lady screaming "Come get your Krispy Kremes!"...the zoo was buzzing with excitement!

The new elephant habitat was really well done! I didn't take pictures of the whole thing, but it is huge! They will be adding more animals to it later. I am excited to see it all completely finished.

Daddy and Izzy bear on our way out. Glad we went!

1 comment:

  1. Hurray! I missed those big gray beasts. I was afraid Olivia was going to have to spend her whole toddler hood having never seen one. I'm more sad that we missed out on the krispy kremes and trumpets!