Thursday, March 17, 2011

springing forward

We are loving the warmer weather! We have been enjoying going for walks, having the windows open, sitting on the front porch, listening to the birds, watching our bulbs getting closer to blooming each day...ahhhh.
Our girl seems to change and grow every day...

We went to Valerie's by our house today to get some cookies for St. Patrick's Day. They are so sweet to us there and Valerie loves Isabella. They have awesome cookies, bars, and cupcakes.

She begged me to let her try on her new swimsuit just for fun... and I gave in. I have been really been looking forward to picking one out for her. Our family kicks off the Summer with our annual trip to South Padre Island the week of Memorial Day. We relished last year, knowing our trip would be different this year as we would be running on a baby schedule, rather than doing as we please each day. Regardless, I can't wait to take her swimming and in the ocean. I just hope she likes to swim as much as we do!
Check her out!

So the suit is a bit big and baggy...but she has several months to fill it out!

Happy Spring!


  1. I love her swimsuit! She seems to love it too!

  2. I don't know what's cuter those shoes or the swimsuit! She really looks like Michael in that last photo with that smile.

  3. How precious, I love the swim suit and can't wait for Padre Love you three

  4. Oh my goodness--what a precious little swimsuit! She looks so big in these pictures!!!

  5. Makes me want to put a pool in!! Oh this summer will be so fun~ Love to all.

  6. Such a doll! Love the swimsuit!