Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 months

Hard to believe, but it has been half a year since you became our daughter Isabella! This month you outgrew lots of your clothes and became a rolling machine. Sometimes you prop your hands up like you might want to try to move forward, but not yet. You have the sweetest smiles for us when we get you out of bed in the morning and at nap. Your nighttime sleep has been crazy over the last month, but I think it is beginning to fall back into a pattern again. At your check up today you weighed 15lbs 11oz, were 25 &1/4" and Dr. Moore said you looked perfect!
Now for the monthly zebra pics:

(I had a lot more great pics of her smiling so it was hard to pick which ones to post. But instead I picked the last few, because I thought they were hilarious!)

Get this zebra out of here Mom!


Dad is still in charge of bath time, and you still really like your baths. You are growing, growing and have a lot less room in the tub than when you were first born!

You had shots today and were very fussy after nap. We went for a walk because you usually like being outside. Once we got going you stopped crying and gave me this face.
You are such a blessing to us. We love how our lives have changed having you here. Love you baby girl!

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  1. Happy 6 months Izzy! We love your cute smiles and sweet spirit! I think you and Ava have been conspiring together to keep your mama's up at night. Slumber parties are lots of fun but you will learn as get older sleeping is lots of fun too!