Saturday, March 05, 2011

February Update

I only made it through one book in February. I almost had the book club book finished, but since I didn't make it through the last few pages, I don't feel like I can count it.
The only book I read was Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Finishing this book was like having an albatross around my neck! I went WAY overdue at the library and struggled to finish it. I felt like it was extremely repetitive, wordy, and too text-book like. That being said, overall, it was a really helpful book. I liked how it discussed typical patterns/sleep needs for children from week one through teen years. He is very big on not letting your child get over-tired and doing whatever has to be done for them to be able to get the rest they need. Whether that means using a carpool for someone else to pick up an older child from school to protect nap time of a younger child, or always getting a sitter if you have to be out past the child's bed time so they don't miss it. He talked about very negative effects that can happen when a child does not get enough sleep. Some parts of it I thought were just not realistic for "real life". But, I have become more committed to being at home for Isabella's naps. Which means I miss out on things sometimes, or have to come home earlier than I may want to, but I have seen that she is happier when she is rested. And when it doesn't work out for us to be home then I get a real life picture of what "over-tired" looks like. (Insert a mom wrestling her screaming child in a restaurant.) He also talked about not necessarily watching the clock for sleep times, but knowing how much time has passed since your child last slept, then looking for their signs of needing rest before they become over-tired, and then putting them down to sleep. Anyway, enough on that!

-I memorized Psalm 16:5-6 and Philippians 3:13-14

-I got approved as a therapy provider on two insurance boards.

My new restaurant was 1492

Heading out on our date. We shared the surf and turf fajitas, and the white queso. It was REALLY good.

For dessert we had this. It was good, but not great. But, I am more of a chocolate-dessert girl.

So totals so far:
Read 5 out of 30 books
Tried 4 out of 10 new restaurants
Memorized 4 out of 24 scriptures
Got approved for 2 out of 4 insurance boards.

Is it really March?

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