Friday, March 25, 2011

Isabella's first foods

Making some baby food is on my 30 list. So I read a good book about first foods, and decided what I wanted to make.

These foods turned into purees to freeze.

We were waiting for her 6 month birthday to start trying some foods. So far instead of swallowing she thrusts her tongue and most of the food comes out of her mouth. We will have to keep practicing. Her doctor said (after I had already made it) no apples for now and to do pears instead as those move things along unlike apples. So I will have to make some pear puree to try. Here is the run down so far-

Isabella tries carrots:

Isabella tries sweet potatoes:

We gave up on the bib because she wanted to eat it instead. As you can tell she is saying...'Wow mom and dad, thanks for making this for me. You really shouldn't have!"

Isabella tries oatmeal cereal:

She prefers to wear the cereal rather than eat it.

And really, why eat the cereal when I can just eat the tray of my seat?

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  1. Awww! This gave us BIG smiles this morning! Love the one of her eating the tray and the smiles of her with oatmeal all over her bib (just saving it for later). And it looks like she will be wanting to hold that spoon before too long! Love you!