Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Highlights

Friday we went to the zoo with a friend. The weather was gorgeous and we got some great views of Asha and Chandra. Although when we first headed to that part of the zoo, the whole half of it was closed because an animal had escaped! The zoo keepers were all buzzing around and on their walkie talkies. I found the story here:

Michael was gone at a men's retreat with our church so we had another sleepover at my parents house. My mom surprised Isabella with a new exersaucer. She loves it! She will reach out to play with it when she sees it.

We went to a friend's birthday party with a Minnie Mouse theme. Isabella got to wear some ears.

Isabella got a fun package in the mail from her grandparents in Germany with treasures from their travels.
Something that is not a highlight is that Isabella seemed to have adopted the notion printed on her shirt over the weekend and woke up every hour crying. She was congested and having some trouble breathing, but other than that I don't know what the deal was. It made for two exhausted parents!


  1. The outfit looked so small in the store, and so BIG on her!! I can't wait to hold her again~

  2. I dunno what I would do if I just saw an animal walking loose in the zoo like a chimp! The peacocks roaming around are pretty nice but those geese can be scary.