Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 month photo shoot

5 Months but still a bit wobbly

I'm falling Mom...

Isabella, you have become a lot more vocal this month- squealing, screeching, babbling, and laughing more! You have such a cheerful smile. We were in a line today and I heard the man behind me babbling baby talk. I looked at you and you were just smiling away at him.
You are pretty content most of the time unless you are tired or hungry. I have been reading a book about sleep and you seem to have fallen into the pattern it describes as typical for baby your age. You still fight sleep, but still need to sleep a lot. For morning nap we lay in the bed together and read books and then you drift off to sleep (except for those times you cry for one minute and then fall asleep). It is one of my favorite parts of the day. It is one of those moments I want to freeze in my mind. I love the moment in the present, while I look forward to when you can read the books to me, while I also wish your tiny-ness could stay.
You have been watching us eating and drinking and seem to be very interested in what we are doing. I think you will be ready to try some cereal or something in the next month or so. You are putting everything in your mouth these days and exploring as much as you can. You watch the world going on around you with the most delightful curiosity.
Daddy is still so wild about you, doing the silliest things to try to make you laugh.
As for me, I am in love also. You will always be the sweet baby that made me a Mama and my baby girl.


  1. this is a sweet post!! She's growing so fast!! Isn't naps with your baby the best?!

  2. She looks so cute. I like her purple outfit too.