Saturday, February 19, 2011

What I have been up to: Isabella edition

Here I am just chillin on my way home from Dallas...kickin my feet around...

Mommy picked out this Easter basket and Mimi ordered it for me. It was MUCH bigger than Mom expected!

I had my first sleep over at Ava's while Daddy was out of town. (Of course Mom stayed with me.)

I have been sitting at the table for dinner with Mom and Dad like such a big girl. Too bad they eat all these yummy things and don't give me any!

I got dressed up for girls lunch!

I tried out my bumbo seat

Falling asleep is still such hard work. Pretty much every time I end up with my hand up on my face like this- Oh the drama of it all!

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  1. She just gets cuter and cuter Annaleise ;)