Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Snow day 1 Recap

Snowpocalypse 2011 is upon us! I am so thankful we have continued to have power and no frozen pipes so far! I really try to balance our schedule (mine and Izzy's and our families') and how much we are on the go. I was feeling a little overwhelmed that this week our days and evenings were too full. But the snow has changed all of that and I welcome some quiet days at home. It makes me think about little house on the prairie days where they had time to work hard and also read, cook good food, enjoy time as a family, create things, and get good rest as there is only so much you can do after dark.

Snow outside the kitchen window

Michael braved the blizzard to walk to redbox to return a movie and snapped these pics. (I did fear like in little house on the prairie Michael would fall in the blizzard and be found face down in the snow somewhere. But he made it back just fine!)

Snow drifts by our cars

Our home in the snow

This quiet day has provided extra cuddles with my baby girl.
I also received breakfast in bed of cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk this morning. And as I think about it...Michael has prepared and cooked all three of our meals today and did all the clean up! Thanks Michael for spoiling me!

And finally- we had snow ice cream today. I realize some people find this gross, but it was clean snow, reminded me of my Granny, and was YUM-O!
Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!

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