Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's a boy!!

We our big ultrasound on November 28th to check all of the baby's organs and gender. I could barely sleep the night before, I was so excited to find out and see how the baby was doing. Isabella did not cooperate with showing us her gender the first time when I was pregnant with her, so I also tried to prepare myself that we might not find out. But the ultrasound tech said with certainty that the baby was a boy. Part of me was hoping for a girl to have sisters closer in age, but we also really wanted a boy in our family at some point too. Isabella stayed home while we were at the appointment with Michael's dad, so after the appointment we headed home to tell her the news.
We told her she was having a baby brother. She wasn't that interested in what we had to say, she just wanted to play.
Her days as an only child are coming to an end...she has no idea. :)
Michael headed back to work and we went to IHOP and celebrated over chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled eggs.
Then we went to pick out a blanket for brother that is like Isabella's favorite blankets. She wanted to buy a pink one, but settled on the giraffes.
20 weeks! Half way through this pregnancy!
Baby boy's profile he had his hand up on his face. We are settled on a middle name, and choosing from two first names we both like.
My aunt gave us these sweet baby bow ties so he can wear a bow tie with daddy. 
We are so grateful for our baby boy.

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