Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tea

Our church playgroup had a tea party this last week. The invitation said to wear your fanciest attire and bring a fuzzy friend.
There was a table set up with tea party essentials for the kids to play with before the tea.

The tables were all decorated and set with food, tea cups, pots, and spoons. After story time we found a seat at a table.

 Ms. Dianna talked some about tea and what was in our tea today. Then we were served our sugar, creamer (sprite), and tea (koolaid).

The children each were given a spoon to keep as a favor. Isabella carefully stirred her "tea".  (And then carefully used the spoon to drip some red on her cupcake and sandwich. It looked better that way I guess. :) )

The sandwiches were cut into shapes of cups and tea pots depending on what kind of sandwich it was.

As we drove away I asked her what her favorite part was, and she said, "Drinking from the tea cup". I think she felt like such a big girl. I had so much fun watching her!

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