Saturday, December 22, 2012

Crystal Bridge

The Crystal bridge is free on Sunday nights as a part of downtown in December, and we have gone with my Dad for the past several years.
They added this train in the lobby this year. We eventually had to pull Isabella away from watching the train go around and around.

Meeting the birds, she was not too sure about them. 

Listening to the music.

I loved this poinsettia tree.

We have been enjoying opening and reading a Christmas book every night. Isabella will be sad when we are finished, as every night before bed she asks if its time to open one. My favorite books have been Llama llama Holiday Drama, The Animal's Christmas Eve, and The 12 Days of Christmas in Oklahoma.

 Isabella has not been feeling well or sleeping well this past week. I hope she's back to normal quickly. Michael's Christmas break at work began on Thursday and we are loving having him home. I can not believe Christmas is almost here!

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