Saturday, December 15, 2012

A fun day with friends

We played with friends one day this week and did some crafts we had been wanting to do.
Amy mixed up some "snow". It just took a few ingredients: corn starch, shaving cream, and glitter.

Isabella LOVES to mash her hands in things, so this was a great activity for her. It made a HUGE mess, but I threw down this cheap plastic table cloth and it was easy to clean up. It was all over the floor (on Isabella's side of the table), but that's a part of fun sometimes, right?

Amy cut out shapes so the girls could make snowmen, and hide different shapes in the snow and do shape recognition. (Someone used to teach kindergarten and it wasn't me. :) )

We traced the girls hands and made these salt dough Santa hand ornaments we had wanted to make. The girls played together really great while we were making these.

The last thing we did was an edible Christmas tree. I had green for the icing, but the girls wanted pink, so they had pink trees.

Decorating her tree.

Kaitlyn's face and hands were completely clean...and this is how Isabella looked. :) 

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