Tuesday, December 11, 2012

As part of downtown in December, Devon hosts "Saturdays with Santa" during with a craft, music, reindeer, Santa and Ms. Claus, or other events depending on the week.
Decorating a stocking

Sitting in Santa's sleigh.
Isabella was in a bit of a mood this morning, and this was the "best" picture of her. I try to remember that I am not always in a good mood, but I have the words to verbalize what is wrong with me, while she does not yet. So she will let us know she is not happy through her behavior/crying/fussying...while this is something I know she will grow out of, it is not very fun sometimes.
I still love her to pieces. In this picture she refused to take a picture with us and hid around the side of the ornaments. Fair enough. :)
The decorations at the Devon tower are really great, between the massive ornaments outside, the impressive glass pine cones hanging from the ceiling inside, and all of the lights they have at night time. Michael took Isabella to watch the ice skating in the Myriad Gardens while I browsed the tents they had set up with made in OK gifts and products. She loves watching the ice skating... "More skates? I see more skates?"

I have a Santa ornament that my granny made that used to hang on her tree and now it hangs on mine. She always had several of these on her tree, you squeeze them open and can put something inside. Her's always had a hershey kiss inside. Isabella loves finding that ornament and seeing if something is inside. Michael makes sure to put a kiss in before he leaves for work, but if its another time of day she will ask me, "put something in here for me, Mom?"
I love our ornaments that have special meanings or memories behind them. 

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  1. We have an ornament like that that was also on my grandma's tree. I love grandmas and the Christmas memories they hand down to us!