Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Isabella wandered into the kitchen Christmas eve morning while I was making candy cane cheesecakes. She helped me do some of the mixing and got to lick one of the spoons from the melted candy.

She went on a trip to the mall with Daddy to people watch and spend some of daddy's Christmas money.
When they got home I had sugar cookie dough ready to make cookies.

She helped do some and then ran off to play with a new toy.

We spent Christmas Eve with Michael's Dad's side of the family. And as Isabella said that night as we drove home "lots of people, there's lots of people".

Isabella got a cash register from Mema, who she has renamed, Granma.

She has been playing with it a lot, it even went with her to the mall today. She calls it her "casher". 

We came home and put Isabella to bed, made part of Christmas morning breakfast, set the table for breakfast, cleaned up the house some, finished some last preparations, and set out our stockings and Isabella's gift. We had talked about opening our presents and stockings Christmas eve, but at 12:45AM we were too tired and went to bed instead. I am cherishing things as they are this Christmas, the last as a family of three, and also thinking about how we will have 4 stockings next year and a new member of our family to join in our celebrations.

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