Tuesday, October 07, 2014

OKCCC Arts Festival

Our Summer begins with our family trip to South Padre and the book end to the Summer is the Arts Festival at OKCCC. We got a cinnamon ice cream dessert to share and Isabella got a snow cone.

 Isabella wanted to get her face painted again. It was the same guy who did it last year. He is really fast and good!

Waiting for the philharmonic to start.
They played one set, and Isabella loved the music and dancing with a little friend she made. The wind was so strong they stopped the show and waited to see if it would die down, but ended up having to cancel. The good thing was they moved up the time for the fireworks. I wasn't sure if we would make it to see them but since they were earlier we did! 

The last time Isabella saw some she thought they were scary, but this time she really liked them. Benjamin was pretty quiet but enjoyed his first firework show.  We had a great night!

Its always a big deal if she's going to wash off the "faint pace" or leave it on. This time she decided to wash off one side and leave the other.

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