Thursday, October 09, 2014

State Fair 2014

We love the State Fair! We went on Tuesday for $3 entry day. We shared a root beer, corn dog, and a cinnamon roll. Michael got some fried pickles, which Isabella loved. I'm not a pickle person, so I can't say how they were. Then we went to check out the AGtropolis.
Getting to play farmer 
 My mom got Disney on Ice tickets for Isabella for her birthday for that evening. My dad came to the fair and picked Benjamin up from us to take him home to bed. 

While Michael took Benjamin to meet Dad, Isabella got her face painted. She chose an Elsa design.

The wonder of it all. :)  (Thanks for the photo bomb, Michael;)

We had a great time at the show!
I didn't feel like we got to have our full "fair experience" this year with not having much time before the show. But Isabella got to go back the next day with Dad for senior citizen day and see the pig races and do some other things we usually do.

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