Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last Saturday in review

I woke up to go running while the house was still asleep.

 With daylight savings being later in the fall, its been darker later in the morning and sometimes the Sun isn't up at all when I go or its just beginning to rise.
 It is so quiet and peaceful.

Michael got to go to an OU game with my dad. So we were going to be home on our own for a good part of the day.
He sent this pic from the game.

I'd read about a free fall festival at the OSU-OKC farmer's market I wanted to go to. Mom was able to come too!
 Isabella chose a butterfly to have painted on her face.

 They had carriage rides, and not only carriage rides but the "Cinderelly" carriage with glitter seats!

 And the horse's hooves were painted with glitter too!

 Face painting, popcorn, carriage rides, and Katiebugs!!! We tried strawberry with cream this time. It was SO good!

We picked up some lunch and then Isabella and I had hair cuts.
She straightened Isabella's hair to cut the ends straight.

It was so strange to see her hair with no curls!  Mom took the kids home after Izzy's cut so I could get mine trimmed. Thanks Mom!

That afternoon, I picked up some sourdough bread and made a big pot of soup for dinner. We ate after Michael got home from the game. And then the kids painted their pumpkins that Mom got them at the Farmer's market. It was a great fall day!

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