Friday, October 10, 2014

Isabella's birthday

Happy 4th Birthday Isabella! You were so excited for your birthday this year and counting down the days. It was a little confusing having your birthday one day and the party on another. You came in our room the morning of your birthday and went back to sleep for a little while. When you woke up you gasped and the first thing you said was MOM?!?! Am I this many now?! (holding up 4 fingers) So exciting! :)
 She picked out some glittery jelly princess shoes that I thought would be for dress up, but she has wanted to wear them all the time. Haha!

 Number 4 sprinkle pancakes! 
Michael was really sick with shingles on the day of her birthday. We went to Walmart and Target looking for the elusive Elsa doll and finally found one at ToysRus. She had never been to toysrus before and that was interesting to see her take everything in. We had a simple dinner of some of her favorite foods, and Cappy and Nana came by for a visit. We had left over cupcakes from a family birthday celebration and just had those since I was planning on making a cake for her party.

She was so happy and enthusiastic all day about her birthday. I should have written down all of the things she said. She was hilarious!

Her party was the following Saturday. She wanted a princess/my little pony party. I tried to keep it small for another year since our family alone is several people. But I think this was the last year for that. She really wants a party with "lots and lots of my friends there and games and a pinata and pin the tale on the donkey".

I didn't take many pictures but there was a game of pin the cutie mark on pinkie pie.

Making a wish

 Happy 4th Birthday baby girl! You bring so much laughter and fun to our lives!

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