Sunday, October 12, 2014

17 months

17 months has continued to be a busy and into EVERYTHING stage.
 He loves his blue blanket and paci.

He loves peekaboo! 

Overall he has a easy going, content spirit. But that also makes it easy to tell when he is not feeling well as he has been pretty grumpy and fussy some days and then I'll find new teeth coming. At 17 months he finally cut through his last canine tooth. He says: Mama, OK, uh oh, all gone (when he means all done), no, more, and this month started saying Dad-dy but still sometimes says Dada.  He saw his first firework show and went to the fair where he was able to sample some food this year as opposed to last year. He likes shoes and has started bringing me shoes to put on him. I've been wondering if he just likes them or if that means he wants to go somewhere. He loves to splash in water- in the bath, the toilet (if the door is left open accidentally), and will often pour his water on his high chair tray or in a cup or pot in the play kitchen to play in it. He is an explorer and loves to check everything out, especially things he has been asked to leave alone. He has become even more adventurous at the park and loves having things that he can climb on. He and Isabella have been playing a little more together but she gets pretty frustrated still with him not understanding when she wants something set up a certain way. He is napping around 1-1:30 and sleeps anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. Usually 2-2.5 hours. It is an exhausting stage but also one of such rapid development it is fun to see his world changing.

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