Friday, October 31, 2014


I let isabella choose if she wanted to go to the Thursday library night for a little parade and trick or treat or go to the dorms at OC to trick or treat. She chose "Daddy's work", so that's what we did the night before Halloween. Benjamin was a crab and Isabella was Elsa.

My parents came with us. One of the dorms we trick or treated in was one my mom lived in when she was in college and then I did when I was there. It was fun to see my freshman room.

My time hop on Halloween had posts of the past 3 years of sugar cookies. Here were this years. A few friends came over to play on Halloween morning and we decorated cookies.

We typically have pizza Halloween night and had this jack-o-latern pizza and a couple others.
Nana and Cappy joined us again. After we ate then we headed out to trick or treat a little in our neighborhood.

Then we came back home to pass out candy.

 And that's a wrap for Halloween 2014! :)

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