Thursday, October 30, 2014

18 months

Singing: "LET IT GOOOOOO!"

A year and half old!! It is hard to believe!

In his 18th month he had his second hair cut. He was pretty fidgety, but he did well overall.
He climbed in the fireplace one day and I found him with black hands eating the rocks in there. (We now have that where it can't be opened.) He climbs everywhere else possible for him. He is constantly getting in to things he is not supposed to. He started having some separation sadness and will cry quite a bit when I leave him. That's been a little better this last week. He had his last canine tooth come through at the beginning of the month and has cut three molars since with one more partially cut through the skin. That has made for some not fun times. Sometimes at night he doesn't cry he will just start saying on repeat- Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. He garbles a lot, but hasn't added many new words this month. Sometimes I think he has said a new word, but then I don't hear it again so I'm not sure. He said Papa and hello one day, but then not since. The pediatrician said any time between now and 2.5 he will have a language explosion and all of that garbling will be a new word every day. His favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear and he likes books that have holes in the pages he can stick his fingers in. He likes it when I sing the song "Skinamarinky dinky dink, skinamarinky do"...he will start doing the hand motions and garbling lots of noise. We finally had some relief in the mosquitos in our yard this last week and played outside every day for a long time. I think he would stay out all day if he could.

 Tell me how you really feel about the Dr?

So big! 
25lbs 3oz and 33 inches

We love you sweet boy!! 

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