Friday, October 24, 2014


We went to Pumpkinville with Mom one day of her Fall break. It's not something you could stay at all day, but the decorations are a fall lover's dream and there is plenty of fun to be had. I did see a mouse while we were there. A real one. Not a decoration one. One of my biggest phobias. Eeeks. Isabella asked me why I screamed and I tried to play it off. I don't want to pass on my crazy fear.

 She wouldn't stop dancing for me to take these pictures. Which I guess just captures her personality. :)

 They painted a pumpkin. (Which Isabella said she wanted to be "spooooky pumpkin" and now she asks everyone who comes to the door if they saw her scary pumpkin. Haha!)

We read books, played all over the playground, played music on the ground music tiles, and checked out the different decorations.

See all those pumpkins and mums?! A fall lover's dream right?! :)
We left there and met dad and Michael at the Garage downtown for burgers. Then came home and the kids were "booed" by their other grandparents. Such a fun surprise! Isabella loved finding treats at the door and even more that her grandparents were out in the yard hiding.

I saw this, this week and loved it! :) So true.

Looking back:
Pumpkinville 2013

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