Thursday, October 23, 2014

Isabella's first wedding

Isabella was in a wedding a couple of weekends ago. It was in Tulsa with the rehearsal and wedding on the same day. But we had hotel points and decided to go up the night before so we didn't have to be as rushed in the morning. I'd been wanting to try Andolini's since my sister had gone and told me about it. It was everything I'd hoped it would be!
It's a small, local place. The waiting area is by the kitchen that has a glass window so you can see the whole cooking process.

The guys tossed the pizza dough high in the air and once back and forth to each other.  It was really fun to watch and Isabella thought it was really cool. They handed over a plate of garlic knot bread for us to have while we waited, and also gave Isabella a dough ball to play with. She made all kinds of things and tried to toss it in the air just like they did. All of this made our wait time go by really easily.

It was a really fun night. Some times with little kids things can be stressful and even disastrous at times, but we laughed a lot at dinner and it was one of those times I kept thinking how grateful I am for my little family and how this is the good life.
We went back to the hotel and Michael took Iz swimming while I got Benjamin down for bed. And he thankfully slept better than he ever has at a hotel in a packnplay!
The next morning we had to grab some fruit loops from the hotel buffet, as those are Isabella's favorite hotel treat, and then headed to the wedding venue for the breakfast and rehearsal.
I wasn't sure how she would do at the wedding with all people she didn't know, and I wasn't sure what the expectations were for her as far as what she was supposed to do, how long she would be up front, and so on.

But she was just fine. Friendly and happy to do what they asked of her. They practiced the whole ceremony a few times, going in and standing, and dancing on the way out.
We had quite a bit of time til the wedding, so we went to a mall with a play area for the kids to play and eat lunch.

We rode the carousel but of course, had to be on the non-moving bench. :) 

Then we went back to the wedding location to get Isabella dressed. Benjamin stayed in the car and took a nap while Michael watched the OU/Texas game on his phone. I got her ready, then it was time for some of the pictures. After her part in those were done we had a while to hang out and entertain ourselves til it was time.

Heading down the aisle. 
She did so great. Stood still up at the front for the whole ceremony, which thankfully was only about 18 minutes. 
And then danced her way out with the wedding party. 
She loved the reception and was the life of the party! Haha! Dancing in a circle of all the college kids and loved the candy bar they had.
We took some photo booth pictures:
Which Benjamin was a little confused by! :)

Then we headed back to OKC! As I was buckling her in the car she said- "Oh mom! I never knew a wedding party would be so fun!"

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