Saturday, September 20, 2014

16 months

Benjamin's 16 month pictures from last month went about like this...
 Whomp whomp...
Tried again at a different time of day. He was still not happy.

 So I let Isabella get in the bed with him to see if she could cheer him up.

No great ones for the series, but that's OK. :)

Here's a few other random ones from month 16:

 He loves playing in water.

 And he loves to the drink water. In the pool, at the splash pad, in the bath....YUCK!

 He wanted to brush his teeth one day while Isabella was brushing hers. So now they squeeze onto the stool together and brush. I think he loves feeling so big.
Also in month 16, he tried raspberries for the first time and loved them. He started attempting to color with a crayon (when he wasn't trying to eat it the rest of the time). He likes to play in Isabella's play kitchen and has been doing that a lot this month. He also got pretty sick the week of his 16 month check up and we had several rough days with a rash and some temperatures. He's cut three new teeth through all the way and one more is still breaking through the skin gum but is almost all through.

When I turn my back for a minute or two he is often found doing something like this. This time the light had been on for a while and was really hot but he kept touching it and jumping his hand back and touching it again. So, that's been really fun.

 And that is a face that says- I'm giving my Mom a run for her money! ;)

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