Friday, September 19, 2014

Heather's Maternity Pics

My sister asked me to take some maternity pictures for her. So I started reading about maternity photography and everything I read said to not wait until after 35 weeks for several different reasons. Since she was already at 39.5 weeks I was a little nervous on that front and also just nervous, as I am still learning photography, about wanting to take some good shots that she would be happy to have to document this sweet time in her life. There were some shots I tried several times that I'd hoped to get, but they just didn't work as I was envisioning. And then there were some that I was really happy with. It was a hot, late August night, but it really wasn't too miserable, and its always fun to take photos of people that stand still and don't move around or require lots of silliness to get good shots! Here is a small sampling of the 242 pictures I took. :)

I love the golden hour for pictures. :)

My beautiful sister and niece Jillian!!

I would say I can't wait to meet her, but I'm so behind in posting she is already here and two weeks old. And perfect in every way!

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  1. Very sweet and beautiful pictures!