Monday, December 05, 2011

the rest of our weekend...

Saturday morning I was supposed to be in a race, but with a downpour of rain, opted out. So having some unexpected family time, Michael whipped up some waffles for us. He added some cinnamon to the batter, which gave them a really good flavor.

Isabella was a fan.

That night we drove to Yukon and ate at Alfredos.

(Proudly sporting OU gear regardless of the outcome!)

Then we headed to over to the Yukon Christmas lights for more December fun and to cross it off my 30 list. You should know there are three ways to enter the lights and each section shows a different part of them. It is worth it to see them all. Since we were driving about 5 miles per hour we let Isabella get out and ride on my lap so she could see better. She was very impressed! When she sees lights she says "ooooo".

Their lights were great. It's been a couple of years since I have been to the lights in Midwest City, but we will have to go to compare them. One thing that is better in MWC is you drive through the whole thing on one rode rather than going around to three different entrances.

After getting ready for bed Iz opened her 3rd of December book. She is getting better at opening the package each day.

Sunday was a bit crazy with Isabella unrolling a whole roll of toilet paper and breaking the toilet paper holder in the bathroom before we left for church. Then having some horrible diapers throughout the day, that shouldn't be mentioned- I've already said too much- and some fussiness. I think she might be starting to get some of her molars. Merry Christmas to us!

The end cap of our first weekend in December was going to the Canterbury Christmas Concert. I was nervous about how Isabella would do after her day and she was pretty tired. She was very wiggly, but mostly quiet.

Watching the show with my Mom.

They have the biggest Christmas tree at the Civic center. It must be quite impressive to someone that is 2 and 1/2 feet tall.
The weekends always go by so fast and I was kind of hoping for a snow day today so we could have another day at home together. Michael gets two weeks off for Christmas and we are looking forward to that. But there is no snow, and Monday is here. So I'm going to get geared up. Bring it Monday! Have a good week!

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